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Charting Toward Intimacy Podcast

Expanding the Natural Family Planning Conversation from a Catholic Perspective

NFP Basics

An add on module for marriage preparation programs that covers Natural Family Planning, God's design for marital love, Theology of the Body, and fertility awareness science. This program also includes one on one coaching with each couple.

NFP for Priests

A short video for priests to find out what they really need to know about NFP.

Learn the Sympto-Thermal Method

I offer one-on-one and group courses in the Sympto-Thermal method of NFP. I have been teaching with SymptoPro instructor since 2020

Client Testimonials

“Ellen makes it so easy to talk about these things. She's really knowledgeable and had answers to all of my questions about NFP. I thought our session would be awkward. It was not.”
Anonymous NFP Basics Participant
“I'm so glad people like Ellen are working in this space. It's like you're told just wait until marriage and then it's a free for all. Nobody tells you about what sex really means and what it's designed for. What she's calling my husband and I to isn't easy, but I know it will put us on a much better footing for the rest of our marriage”
Nancy, SymptoPro Client
“I've really enjoyed working with Ellen to improve our marriage prep program in light of Theology of the Body and NFP. There was a lot I didn't know before and I had unwittingly been part of the problem not the solution”
Fr. Sam, NFP for Priests

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