Find Your Fertility Awareness/NFP Method

Trying to sort through all the fertility awareness information?

Look there’s a lot of info when you start learning about NFP and Fertility Awareness. From bad introductions in Marriage Prep to new science and new methods to conflicting information on Google and from your doctor it can be more than a little overwhelming to figure out where to start when it comes to picking a method. 

Maybe you’re reading this thinking “Wait, there’s more than one method of NFP?”

Yes there are, there are MANY more than just one method, and I can help you sort through that info in two ways: self paced Method Match Workshop or one on one Method Match Coaching.

Self Paced Workshop

The low-cost, online self-paced workshop includes:

  • Lifetime access to videos including a general methods overview, method specific overviews, and comparison videos
  • Downloadable workbook
  • Discernment questions to help you choose
  • Q&A opportunity via email

One-on-One Coaching

Method Match coaching sessions are 30 minutes via Zoom. 

One-on-one coaching is for you if you:

  • have lots of questions
  • are looking for a personalized approach
  • want one-on-one support through selecting or switching methods

I'm Excited to Connect with You!

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