NFP Basics

Bridging the Marriage Prep NPF Gap

It’s estimated that only 2% of Catholics practice Natural Family Planning and about 90% of Catholics support the use of contraceptives. 

What marriage preparation programs have been doing to introduce Natural Family Planning isn’t working. 

NFP Basics is a new program that integrates the newest science, deep theological truth, and personal conversation to bring couples into true understanding of these concepts. 

NFP Basics is a 3-part add on Marriage Preparation module

– Couples watch a video together that covers theology of sex and marriage, Natural Family Planning, fertility science, and touches on the Theology of the Body as it applies to wedding vows.

– Engaged couples each complete a survey to ensure video comprehension and gather information relevant to fertility awareness method choices

– Couples attend a live Zoom coaching session with an NFP Basics coach to debrief the video, ask questions, and get support in choosing a method and/or finding an instructor.

NFP Basics can be implemented immediately into any marriage preparation program. This is an add on module that requires no training process or additional work on the side of the parish or diocese. 

NFP Basics is a full program. The video, survey analysis, and coaching session are all included in the per couple cost of the program. 

NFP Basics is $30 per couple and can be paid directly by the couple or via monthly invoice to your parish or diocese. Discounts are available to high volume programs over 50 couples per year. Send questions to [email protected]

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